Conversation Heart Pancakes and DIY Faux Marble Bed Tray | Valentine's Day Breakfast in Bed | Sugar & Gold

Rather than anything over the top, small unexpected gestures are definitely my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day... a surprise valentine in a hidden location or a low key dinner at home rather than a packed restaurant. And starting the day off with a cozy breakfast in bed with your love is definitely at the top of that list!

So to add a little Valentine’s Day touch to a bed in breakfast staple—pancakes—I thought it would be fun turning them into conversation heart pancakes! Rather than writing the cute sayings on top after making regular pancakes, I spelled them out backwards in dark pink batter first and then poured the colored heart batter on top, containing the shape within a heart cookie cutter. I love how this result looked and also didn’t alter the taste by having to use icing or gel to write the sayings. The trick is to let the saying cook a little first so that it’s solid before pouring the rest of the batter on top to prevent it from mixing together. 

To add a personal touch, I created a custom coffee cup and plate duo with gold lettering. Together, once revealed after all the pancakes are gone, they complete a lyric from our first dance wedding song, "You're the one.. I adore." 

And because I'm still right in the middle of my marble obsession, I built a breakfast tray that can also function as a laptop tray when I working in bed (wide enough that I can actually cross my legs under it!) and then, of course, covered it in heavy duty marble contact paper. The cost is higher than standard contact paper, but the quality and luxurious look is definitely worth it. I finished the tray with gold hardware for easy transport and a little extra polish.

Such a simple way to start the day, but a lovely way to treat your Valentine!