DIY Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe Gold & Coral Box | Valentine's Day XOXO | Sugar & Gold

I think it must be the designer in me that loves using Xs and Os for all things Valentines Day because of their super graphic and symmetrical nature. And to continue my obsession from last year’s DIY pop-up XOXO card, I thought the more Xs and Os, the merrier… so what better way than a cupid inspired game of tic-tac-toe that also stores all of your adorable Valentine's Day cards!

I created a coral box with a gold glitter interior that doesn’t just store your V-day cards, but also serves as the perfect game board! The trick is magnetic paint and gold letter magnets. Yes, those colorful fridge letters take on a whole new (more adult friendly) life with some gold spray paint. I was so excited to finally be able to bust out the magnetic primer that’s been in my supply closet looking for a purpose. And I think this was a super unique and playful way to utilize all of it's magnetic glory!

The magnetic paint itself is charcoal, but you can cover it up with whatever color your heart desires. I added a few coats of the magnetic paint within the rim of the box lid and then cut 1/4" wood square dowels and glued them into a 3x3 grid. I covered the entire box with a few coats of a blushy coral paint and decopogued gold glitter inside for a nice surprise when you're loading it up with all of your cards—by the way, how insanely cute are these cards from some of my favorite stationers... Rifle Paper CoSugar PaperHello!Lucky, and Kate Spade! But the best part is that no game will go interrupted when you open the box to drop in a new valentine... oh the beauty of magnetic paint and letter magnets! I can't wait to think of more projects to add a magnetic touch!