One door closes...

and another opens... this one with an amazing husband on the other side. Planning my own wedding may have come to a close, but reveling in the fact that everything for our wedding was as perfect as possible, is definitely something I'm happy to have replace it. The last few weeks before the wedding were some of the most stressful I've ever experienced, a true race against the clock... but I am so thankful that waking up that morning to get ready was the most calming feeling ever. Everything single stress melted away... I knew everything was in its right place because David and I were going to get married... and that was all that really mattered. And we were surrounded by those that loved us and helped make the most amazing day possible. It was over in a flash, but every second was just as amazing as the last.

Our wedding photographer, Sean Cook, just uploaded this sneak peek of our wedding photos to his Instagram and I'm literally dying! I cannot believe he was able to capture this moment of our first kiss so so perfectly. If this was the only photo we had from that amazing day, we would be thrilled. But because he is so talented, I know there are going to be some many more we love just as much! We can't wait to see them all!!!

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