DIY: XOXO Pop-Up Card Template

DIY XOXO Pop-Up Card Template | Valentine's Day Card | Sugar & Gold

FREEBIE DOWNLOAD!! Last year, I created a XOXO pop-up Valentine's Day card that featured a gold chapstick for the "I" in Kisses for some of my most wonderful friends! You can check out last year's original pop-up card post to see this design in a poppy neon coral! And over the year, some of you reached out as for a DIY template on how to create one yourselves... so I have a printable template ready for you just in time for this year's Valentine's Day! I created mine using a Silhouette Cameo, but you can easily just do it the old fashioned way with an xacto knife because the design isn't that intricate.


2 sheets of letter sized cardstock for exterior and interior (here I used white)
1 sheet of letter sized paper for liner (here I used neon fuschia to really pop in cutouts)
xacto knife
double-sided tape or glue stick
standard chapstick/lipstick, spray-painted gold
baker twine or ribbon
lipstick to leave a kiss signature (optional)


First, print out template and lay one design on top of each sheet of your chosen paper. Use tape or staples to secure template to your paper so it doesn't move while cutting out the shapes. Use xacto knife to cut design where solid lines are present. Before removing the template from the interior sheet, crease the paper where the dotted and dashed lines are present. Fold all of the dotted lines in one direction, and the dashed lines in the opposite direction so that the letter forms pop outward from the main center fold. On the other two sheets, fold the main center line as well. After cutting and folding the templates, you will have three 8"x9" final sized layers—one exterior (KISSES), one interior (XOXO), and one blank liner sheet.

If you choose to attach chapstick for the "I" in KISSES on the front, cut two small piece of twine or ribbon and tape on the backside on each side of the I on the exterior sheet. Once the card is finished, you will secure the chapstick by tying a bow on the front.

Next, you will sandwich the three together. But first make sure to fold all of the sheets so that they line up at the center fold. While all folded together correctly, start gluing or taping the layers together... having them line up at the center fold while folded closed is key. After securing all layers together and folding closed, trim the excess edge opposite of the fold where the 3 layers aren't perfectly lined up so that the edges match.

Finally, if you want to leave a kiss signature to play off of the chapstick/lipstick favor, layer on your favorite shade and pucker up... and leave your "X" with the Xs and Os inside!! 

Enjoy! XOXO

DIY XOXO Pop-Up Card Template | Valentine's Day Card | Sugar & Gold
DIY XOXO Pop-Up Card Template | Valentine's Day Card | Sugar & Gold
DIY XOXO Pop-Up Card Template | Valentine's Day Card | Sugar & Gold